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27, Стрелец, Transylvania
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Существенные детали Kittyisabelle
Сексуальные предпочтенияБисексуал
Рост5'4" - 5'6" [160см - 170см]
Вес100 - 120 фунтов [45 - 55 кг]
Этническое происхождениеЕвропейское/Кавказское
Родной городTransylvania
Интимная стрижкаБритая
Размер грудиБольшая
Меня возбуждает
kindness - Hope you had a brilliant St. Patricks day baby, and you definitely party hard! Well Ive seen you unfortunately werent able to join my beautiful show that I was broadcasting for you, so Id thought it would be pretty cool for you to let you
have some treats hehe ^.^

So guess what?!
For only 48 hours since I send you this e-mail you can buy the pre-sale packed
that was available before the St. Patrick show OMFG!!
That means its again UP the offer:
5 videos shoot on St. Patricks show, HOT PICTURES included, and ONE HOUR password SHOW. price: 1000 tokens or 50$
2 hours of St. Patricks PREMIUM ONEonONE PASSWORD SHOW, the whole pack of the videos and pics I shoot on Ps day, and BONUS 5 videos shoot before. price: 3000 tookens or 150$l. You also can choose for a cam2cam option for the password show for only more 20$.
The Easter vs. Fools Day Challenge
Well, The Easter its on the way ya know, so like every year Im having some GREAT HOT EGGS for my Good Boys!
Egg Hunt Raffle: join our Egg Hunt Event by buying a ticket for the raffle; ticket price: 200 tokens each (yes, you can buy as many tickets you wanna); winners will be announce live, meanwhile the show. Prizes for the winners: one hour special Easter
PassShow, 10 Hot pictures, 2 HD videos sent via e-mail.
Naked Easter Egg: OMFG!! The first ever Naked Picture of ME!! plus
BONUS: 10 videos from the HAPPY EASTER SHOW; price: 2500 tokens, or 125$ via PayPay.
Playboy Bunny Show: 1 hour password show with the bunny only
for you, 20 HOT Bunny pictures, 1 HD video; price: 800 tokens, or 40$.
Playboy Bunny Shooting: 30 HOT Professional Pictures of me
right away on your e-mail; price: 250 tokens, or 13$.
THE HUGE EGG!!: get that egg that youre not sure you can carry
it, HAHA! Whole damn pack of pictures and videos shoot meanwhile The Easter Show!! BONUS: ONE HOUR IN PRIVATE!; price: 3999 tokens, or 199$
UNKNOWN Egg: get that egg that you dont have any clue what
contain!! price: 201 tokens, or 10 $
SPECIAL SURPRISE: buy me an Easter gift from my Amazon Wishlist
- http://amzn.eu/bmSa3ce , and I will
spoil you with a sweet Easter Special Gift only for you!
used panties full of bunny juice hehe only for you, BONUS: 2 hours password
show with the panties on, included topless bunny stuff; price: 19999 tokens or 1k

PS: for some of you that wants to know what
happened recently in my life, what made me not broadcasting as often anymore. Well, unfortunately the inevitable had
produced, my iMac broken again, the reparation made last time was only until I would be able to change forever the video card. So, now my old video card just
decided to collapsed again. So, I cant broadcast on my iMac anymore, until Im able to replace it, and the price of the replacing its 398 $ or 1500 ron. The
money that I dont have, to make I have to broadcast, to broadcast I need
the iMac do you understand the cycle of this slowly death?! So if you like me,
and of course like my projects and everything Im doing, and my broadcasts, I would strongly appreciate every donation youd be able to make to help me getting my iMac back . Every donation will be rewarded with B.D. material, so Ill be
able to show my appreciation for your sweet act of pure KINDNESS! As soon as my iMac will be back home with the big update Ill be able again to make beautiful
quality shows for you, and also work hard on projects that I cant work on without my iMac! Until Ill be able to get my iMac repaired, I have to try to broadcast from my old laptop which its broken too, so I wont be able to do HD broadcasts, and also probably it will get turned itself off often because it gets pretty warm meanwhile the live shows.
So these are the bad news unfortunately,
but still dont forget that I Love You, and Id be looking after you! God Bless
you! Hugs. B.D.
Обо мне
Marvelous girl. I will show you all secrets I hide
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Apple iPad mini 4 WiFi 16GB Gold
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Youtube camera
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Perfect body. awesome voice , and interesting personality - amazing girl ;)